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Most customers come to us after a tip from friends or acquaintances who have worked with us before. A better recommendation can of course not be made. We ‘score’ high on things like involvement and directness, we don’t mince words. You can read a more extensive overview of what customers think of us on this page and on Funda.

Rating: 9.7

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The Perfect House has the knowledge, professionalism and approach needed to succeed in this current housing market. Jolanda and Jasper have ensured that we were able to buy our dream house and that we also managed to sell our existing house well. We were well and realistically advised during the bids for the purchase of our new house and in addition, the sales process went smoothly and pleasantly. Moreover, Jolanda and Jasper are very nice people, so that is also very nice! 100% recommended

Lumeijstraat 9 III

From Twente to Amsterdam. Did many viewings together. Jolanda (and Jasper) very involved, professional, easily accessible and able to switch quickly. Knowledge of the market in Amsterdam and critical - during the viewing(s) - and at the right times. Guidance and communication was ideal for me. A Perfect House (found) by a Perfect Duo! I can wholeheartedly recommend these two!

Dealing with real estate companies in Amsterdam is difficult, as the market is really hot, and they don't need to work hard in order to get business. Despite this, Japer and Jolanda are amazing at a personal and professional level. Extremely responsive, attentive and kind (even during off office hours and weekends) and super thoughtful in their feedback.

We came across Jasper during our search for another house. Our own house was already for sale and we already had a real estate agent for this. This broker did not meet our wishes, our house (in Amsterdam) was not sold within 3 months. We decided to switch brokers and then called Jasper because he had made a good impression during the viewings of the other house. What a world of difference with our other broker! Good communication, service and they were just looking forward to it. Within 3 weeks our house was sold for a good price. Houses in Amsterdam do not sell themselves, but a good real estate agent does and we can certainly recommend The Perfect House. Big props for Jasper and Jolanda.

Jasper helped us tremendously with the sale of our apartment. He is well informed, has many contacts and is very service oriented. What we also really liked is that he has a clear vision of the best sales strategy, but leaves the final choice to the customer. We followed him without a doubt - and with success: our apartment was sold quickly at a very good price. We also appreciated Jasper's down-to-earth approach. He presents a house with beautiful photos but also truthfully (so no well-known photo tricks with wide-angle lenses). He also does not allow himself to be rushed (a relief in the overstrained market!) while he firmly represents the interests of his client. In short, we can heartily recommend The Perfect House!

The Perfect House is a pleasant and small-scale real estate agency in Amsterdam with personal attention!

Very nice contact with the broker during the sale process. Professional and friendly. Good advice on the sales technique by not setting the asking price too high and then counting on outbidding. Broker always had quick and accurate answers to questions. Beautiful pictures were taken and a good story was written. At the time of the sale, my tenants were still present in the property, there has been close consultation with them so that the viewings could be done taking into account the wishes of the tenants. Broker has also offered help with the sale of furniture that was left behind that the new buyers did not want to take over. Great experience.

Jasper is a great real estate agent. He went along with my wishes and also gave good advice. He took care of everything, and that was very nice. I thought it was an exciting step to sell my first house, but because of Jasper I did experience it as an pleasant process.