About us

Who we are

Committed, authentic and honest

Perfect House Makelaars consists of a small team of driven estate agents. This means that there are short lines, which means that there is automatically intensive contact with our customers. We like that very much, because good contact with our customers is one of our motivations.

We understand that selling or buying is not just about stones and money. There is a lot of emotion involved, because it is about your (new) home. Our goal is to achieve the best result for our clients in a humane way. It is not for nothing that our customers label us as involved, authentic and straightforward.


We say what we think and act accordingly.


We are running hard for you, really really hard.


We are real people without fuss.


We know what we are doing by combining theory and practice.


A good result for the right price.


A small and close-knit team.

Jasper Holleboom

Ever since I started Perfect House Makelaars 8 years ago, it doesn’t feel like work to me! Many of the elements that you encounter on a daily basis within real estate are things that really suit me as a person. I really enjoy meeting new people, seeing opportunities with real estate, negotiating sharply in order to get the best deal for my clients, the dynamics of the city of Amsterdam and the diversity of the different sports you have within our field! Every customer is different and I think it is wonderful to achieve that result for everyone, which makes all parties happy.


Supporters of

We also feel involved. Involved in many things and certainly also with people who have it less easy than us. Who, for whatever reason, pee outside the pot (for a while). Or rather, not having a house where they can put that pot, because they have ended up on the street due to bankruptcy, divorce or debts and have no social safety net. That is why we support the initiative Onder de Pannen of De Regenboog Groep.

The Regenboog Groep supports socalled economically homeless people with the Onder de Pannen initiative. So that these people don’t have to worry about a place to sleep for a while and thus have the time to catch their breath to get their lives back on track.

We in turn support this project, not only mentally, but also financially. With a donation of €50 per house sold or purchased. Will you join us? Then, when adding to or selling your house, top up our donation with an amount to be determined by yourself. You can read more about the project in this brochure.