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Together we buy your perfect home

The housing market in Amsterdam is extremely difficult. Amsterdam is a very popular city, it seems that everyone wants to live here. We are happy to help you with the purchase of a new home, starting with an explanation of what exactly you can buy with your budget. And what not. When you have found the perfect house, we advise on the right offer and conditions. We have the experience and the knowledge of the market. So leave the bidding and negotiation to us, so you can focus on the perfect home.


Good preparation

It is important for yourself to have a clear idea of what your new house must meet. And to check how realistic your wishes are in combination with the available budget. Or maybe we should look in a different neighborhood or a smaller house. The clearer your wishes, the faster we will succeed in buying your home.

The quest

When a house comes up for sale that meets your needs, we immediately schedule an appointment. As a broker, you always have an edge with other brokers when requesting a viewing.

View together

We are present at all viewings. For example, we can advise you on the structural condition, marketability, possible renovation options or other relevant matters. We know the neighborhood's popularity and can estimate its fair market value. In any case, you will always get our honest opinion.

Bid and negotiate

You want to buy the viewed house. We have thoroughly examined the documents and informed you of any details. We advise you about the offer and the (resolutive) conditions and we conduct the negotiations or send the offer exactly on time. It helps in everything that we have actually seen the house and shake hands with the sales agent. Of course you know exactly what you can spend.

Signing deed of sale

Good news, your offer has been accepted! We have agreed with the seller on the price and terms. Of course we help you in this phase with the next steps, such as selecting a notary and reading the deed of sale. We keep the momentum going by signing the deed of sale, so that you can be sure that nothing will come between the two.

The transfer

Finally, it's here. The date of transfer is recorded in the deed of sale. Before we go to the notary to sign the deed of transfer, we walk through the house with the seller. It should be exactly like when you viewed it, but a lot emptier. Just a little while and you'll be the new owner!

Our fees

We use a commission that depends on the value of the house to be purchased by you. We think that’s fair. And you only pay when we have bought your perfect home.

House values between

€ 0 en € 600.000

1,2 % brokerage fee

House values between

€ 600.000 en € 1.200.000

1,0 % brokerage fee

House values between

€ 1.200.000 en € 5.000.000

0,8 % brokerage fee

Our rate is incl. 21% VAT.


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