Together we find your perfect rental house

Finding the perfect rental home! It is currently not easy to rent a house in Amsterdam. Especially if you don’t know the way and don’t have any contacts. Fortunately, we know the way and we have many contacts!

Together with you we will look for the perfect rental house in Amsterdam. First of all, we draw up a clear package of wishes that your apartment must meet. We will then send you the new offer every day and schedule the viewings for you. Together we visit the house and we mainly look at the technical aspects of the house, while you see if you see yourself living there. If it is a match, we will advise you on the rental price to be offered and will ultimately submit this proposal to the letting agent.

When the proposal has been accepted, we will help you with the contract and will of course also be present when you receive the keys! It really is a great piece of teamwork, with the ultimate goal of finding the perfect home for you.


First non-binding acquaintance

It is nice to get to know each other a little so that you know who you are starting this search with. It is important for us to know what your needs and expectations are with regard to the house to be rented, such as housing requirements, budget, location, etc. We can of course also advise you well on these matters.

The quest

A lot of new offers come online every day. We screen these for you and forward the interesting houses to you. If you are also enthusiastic about it, we will schedule a viewing. Thanks to our good connections, we always succeed in doing this.


Our goal is to always be present when you visit a house. During the viewings, we mainly look at the technical aspects of the house, so that you can focus on whether it is a house where you see yourself living. After the viewing, we will discuss the good and bad points together, in order to determine together whether this is your perfect home!


When you've spent the night on it and are still enthusiastic, we put the proposal on paper to the renting party. We look at what the right price to offer is. Sometimes we can bid below the asking price, but sometimes we have to bid above it to have a good chance.

Drafting a contract and
the check-in

Yes our proposal has been accepted! The renting party will now draw up a contract in which the agreements made will be stated. We will thoroughly check this contract and ensure that everything is correct and lawful. As soon as this is signed, it is all arranged after the deposit and rent have been paid. We are also present at the check-in, to check whether everything works and is still as agreed. In addition, we help you conclude contracts with an energy sup-plier and the internet.


If there are still things that are not clear during your first weeks or that the house does not function properly, we are there to assist you with this. The first weeks in a new home in a new city can be intense, so we're here for you when you need it!

Price for Renting: € 2000 (incuding VAT)